March 2020 - Why every home should have at least one EARDOC™

Parents know it too well, so do swimmers, AIR travelers and divers, especially those who love to go deep under the oceans It is the Ear pain caused by pressure put on your ear drums. Inflammation of the inner ear (OM) is extremely common in children as well as affecting quite a few adults. Recurrent, protracted ear infections cause severe pain, restlessness and muffled hearing, which can hamper development and prejudice learning. Ear infection is one of the main reasons for visiting the doctor or the emergency room. Blockage of the Eustachian tube which links the middle ear cavity to the oral cavity can be a main cause of inflammation, would result in accumulated fluids infected or none infected in the middle ear generating pressure on the eardrum. In some cases, your doctor would recommend antibiotics and in acute cases they may recommend you with an Ear tube surgery also called Myringotomy, which is a surgical procedure in which a small incision is made in the eardrum to release the trapped fluids.

Now a new portable device called the Eardoc opens the Eustachian tube in a noninvasive way that gives instant relief. Eardoc, by Kencap, is described as “a simple resonating device designed to shake and open the Eustachian tube to allow any liquid inside to flow out”. When placed next to the ear on the mastoid bone the device vibrations travel to the Eustachian tube doing two things, one is mechanical shaking the tube and the second is relaxing the tissue surrounding the tube both actions result in opening the tube. Accumulated air and fluids causing the inflammation can be released through the tube to relieve pressure on the eardrum. Experts say it is the only available noninvasive method shown to work to reduce the pain and edema associated with ear infections. You can never know when there's going to be your next ear pain.

In 2019, approximately 10 million children, ages 0-17, reported to have ear infections or otitis media. Of those, 8.8 million children reported visiting a physician or obtaining a prescription drug to treat the condition. Medical spending to treat otitis media totaled $3.1 billion in 2019. Mean annual expenditures for those with an expense related to otitis media were $350 per person. The Eardoc cost only $55 and have impressive results. 94% of the Eardocs users felt improvement in minutes and got relief during and after use. 98% of our satisfied clients would recommend buying an Eardoc to have at home. This is exactly the reason why every home should have at least one of the EARDOC™

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Eardoc Quick Facts:
• Eardoc is a non-invasive safe-to-use device for ear pain with or without antibiotics.
• Eardoc opens the Eustachian tube by shaking the Eustachian tube and its surrounding.
• Opening the Eustachian tube and releasing trapped fluids would release the pressure on the eardrum.
• Eardoc works best for releasing fluids that have low viscosity but can also reduce the pressure for glue ear.
• Eardoc can be used for ear infections and otitis media but also trapped non infected fluids and plugged ears.
• Eardoc can be used in conjunction with other OTC/Rx analgesics.
• The device does not cause any known drug interactions and has no side effects.
• Eardoc is safe and effective for all ages above two years old when used as recommended.
• Eardoc's efficiency can also be measured easily in your ENT office using a tympanometry. test the patient with a tympanometry before and after the use of the Eardoc.


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