With all of the crazy going on in the world that we live in with Covid19 and more… there is no better time to make sure that you have the products needed to provide the highest quality of home care treatments in the convenience of your own home. The best part is that this means you are going to be able to relieve your pain safely and naturally

Relieve pain naturally and effectively all without medications or trips to the doctor's office.



The EARDOC is the New & Improved 10 Speed EARDOC Pro-Ear Pain Relief-Ear Infection Treatment Device made by Kencap. A middle ear infection is usually caused by blockage of the Eustachian tube which is a narrow passage that connects the middle ear to the upper throat (just behind the nose). The EARDOC™ opens the clogged Eustachian tube, allowing the fluids to drain out of the middle ear. All you have to do is to put the Eardoc behind of the ear and literally turn it on and you will begin seeing relief. The Eardoc gives immediate relief and treats the Ear infection without antibiotics or painkillers. If the pain persists of course see your doctor but this can be a tool to help treat before it becomes a serious infection.

Ear Infection in Children

The EarDoc is also perfect at relieving general ear discomforts. If your kids or you have issues with flying and has a serious issue with pain for the flight and this is a great way for her to relieve the pain.

Ear Infection Toddler

The EarDoc is perfect for anyone that has issues with their ears being clogged after swimming. Kids and adults can sometimes have issues with ear infections after swimming and using this after swimming ensures that she will not end up with an infection as it helps to open up the clogged Eustachian tube. now you can just use this device on each ear afterward to prevent an issue. they love it and the fact that it works so that there are no medicines or antibiotics involved speaks volumes as prevention is everything!

More reason to love the EarDoc:

*SUPERB QUALITY: Made to perfection using the highest quality materials.

*WORKS MAGIC: A high-performance ear device that guarantees instant results. It relieves ear pain within minutes and helps treat ear infections. The Eardoc performs its work by draining the fluid, causing ear infections and pain through opening the blockage.

*ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The Eardoc is a non-invasive design that functions by being held behind the ear. It works by generating vibrations through the mastoid bone to the middle ear and opening the Eustachian tube and draining the fluid.

*PERFECT FOR ADULTS & KIDS: Our ear treatment device is child-friendly and safe for adults. It operates entirely through vibration sensation. Ear pain relief is ideal for air travelers, swimmers, and divers. It has been built to deliver exceptional results.

*NATURAL SOLUTION: Designed for external use. The Eardoc effectively treats your infections and relieve pain through vibrations. No chemical or any form of artificial liquid is inserted in your years. The vibrations stimulate fluid movement, opening up the tube.

Ear Infection Treatment At Home

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