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Treats ear infections and relieves ear pain

EarDoc instructionsHow to use EARDOC™:

Insert 2 AA batteries according to signs (+) and (-) on the batteries and tray. Insert batteries in to EARDOC™ battery tray and close the lid.

  1. Turn EARDOC™ on by pressing the upper button. The blue light indicates that the device is on.
  2. By pressing the upper button, the frequency of vibrations will increase. EARDOC™ enables ten frequencies of vibrations. We recommend to start with low frequency and increase it as needed.
  3. Place EARDOC™ behind the ear (see figure on the right).
  4. Turn EARDOC™ off by pressing the lower button until it stops and the light turns off.



  • Use EARDOC™ only to relieve pain in the ear and only according to instructions.
  • Children under the age six of should use EARDOC™ with adult supervision.
  • Do not use in water
  • Do not use for children under six months old.
  • EARDOC™ does not replace medical treatment or medication.
  • If pain persists see a doctor.
  • Recommended to use while sitting.



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