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Great for scuba divers with inner ear fluid build up!

This works great for my purposes! I scuba dive and get fluid building up in my inner ear, and the Ear Doc helps the fluid drain. I've been diving for a number of years and just suffered through the "cottony hearing" (I can't take sudafed), but a nurse at the dive resort let me borrow one of these last year, and I started feeling a difference within a day or two. After doing 3 or 4 dives during the day, I use it several times during the evening. I bought one as soon as I got home (I think my husband ordered it on his account, so it's probably not showing up as a verified purchase for me).


EarDoc Pro

EarDoc began to restore my hearing after 5 days of applying the instrument according to the instructions given 5 times a day. It is easy to hold and operate in one hand, clean and cleanable, and lightweight. I take it to work with me and highly recommend it especially to anybody that has woken up during the night with ear pain missing work the next day because of it! I have had chronic adult ear problems of a six months duration due to unavoidable allergies, irritations, construction noise, and a DTAP vaccination. A clogged ear is almost unbearable. I'm a professional musician!


It Works! Keep Using It!

I think negative reviewers either don’t use it long enough or often enough to get results. Use it for 5 minutes at a time several times a day even if you feel nothing at first because believe me it is putting healing in motion! I love it for my dysfunctional eustachian tubes and chronic ear infections. I have had 5 ear infections this year and I am 60 years old with chronic sinus infections and allergies. I just got the EarDoc three days ago and have had great success with it! After first use, I had mini popping sounds and clear liquid drain into outer ear. After second use, I could hear better. After third use, I could feel nasty ear fluid draining down back of my throat making my throat scratchy. Initially when taking it out of the box, I thought that this item was over priced and should sell for closer to $20 but the results and scientific studies are real and worth every penny and hopefully keeps me from having tubes put in my ears. Give it a fair try amd you will agree!



I had problems with my ears while on a diving trip & the nurse at the resort had me use this. It was amazing!!I got instant relief & made sure to buy one & take it with me when we take any dive trips. Highly recommend & 4 others on the trip got one as well!!


Five Stars

helps my sinus

Janet Jakubic

Great customer service!

I had a issue to get my ear doc to work. First I thought it was a damaged device so I requested a new one. Within 24 hours I had the replacement which also didn't work. In the end I found out it was the batteries that were damaged. I'm happy it's working now and hopefully will heal and clear up my fluid! Had a great customer service experience!!

Amazon Customer

Five Stars

Helped open up blocked ear.

rosemary hargreaves

Five Stars

Not had enough time but i like the concept will need to try it out longer

nayla sleiman

arrived quickly

nice level of vibration for the ear area.


So far so good

Good ergonomics and is strong enough to shake the inner ear.

Amazon Customer

EarDoc? My ENT never heard of it!?

It works, I felt the difference and I could hear my eustachian tubes close after every use.

Elaine Jeffs

No oain

Works good helps with the pain

Natalie Bowen

Great little tool!

This is a great tool! Used it for myself and family when we went flying, it worked well especially for my 1 year old. Keeps your ears open so you don't feel sick!

Elaine Jeffs

I only used this for about a week (before follow ...

I only used this for about a week (before follow up appointment with ENT) as my littler girl had fluid in her ears and was concerned about possible surgery. Not sure if this product helped but fluid is gone.



I had loss of some hearing in my rt.ear for quite a while. I felt like I had cotton candy in my head. I would hear a whooshing sound a lot. after using this simple tool, I actually got relief.


Love it!

One of the best devices I have ever purchased. I love the way it works helping to loosen up built up fluid in the inner ear canal which gets things moving.

Bernice G.

love it

This is great item. Really works.


Four Stars

Works good, relieves the pressure I get when my ear gets clogged with water.

Tammy Julson

Four Stars


sporting road

Four Stars

Seemed to work immediately.

Alice Butler

Used this product on a scuba vacation. My ear ...

Used this product on a scuba vacation. My ear tends to feel full after a day or two of diving. I borrowed an EarDoc from a friend on the trip and it reduced the congesting in the ear enough to dive multiple dives each day for 7 days. So as soon as I returned I purchased this one. I will never go on a dive trip without one now.


Eardoc Work For Me!

A month ago, I suffered from an inner and outer ear infection. Left eardrum had a peppered look causing the muffled effect. When the ear infection cleared, I still had stuffed ears and stuffed head feeling. I received the Eardoc a week after I got an ear infection and used it every day couple times a day. When using it, I felt crackling sounds and felt my Eustachian tubes draining. I continued using Eardoc. It took a over a month for the stuffed ear and head feeling to subside. I' m at my 6th week and thanks to Eardoc and along with Redd Remedies Sinus Support, R.R. Sinuzyme along with hot teas of ginger and turmeric. I also added to my intake is Vitamin C, Eclectic Institute Vita Biotic, Herb Pharm Garlic/Mullein Ear oil, and colloidal silver for ear drops. Don't know if all of this helped inading the healing effect but it worked for me and am very happy I regained my energy back, no headaches but a clear head.


Surprisingly effective!

I was really skeptical of this at first, but after decades of 5+ ear infections a year, I figured I'd might as well try it. If it didn't work, it was the cost of a copay to my ENT. I've been told that the problem with my ears is that my Eustachian tubes are shaped badly, and once even a little bit of fluid gets in, it's going to stay there and quickly become infected. I can go from nothing to ruptured ear drum in less than 12 hours, and antibiotics only work about 50% of the time. I use this at the first twinge of ear pain, and after using this for a year, I have had NO infections. Obviously, there's no medicine in this. Once there's an infection, the ear doc isn't going to cure it, but as a preventive for someone with naturally horrible Eustachian tubes this thing was a godsend. I actually carry it in my purse, just in case I feel my ears start to hurt at work. It was definitely worth risking the $50 for me, I was living with so much pain!

Meghan Abel

Works for Young Children with Ear Infections!

I want to share my experience with this product. My 1 year old came down with a nasty double ear infection after a round of RSV in late January. We did ALL the home treatments and the infection cleared up, but at his 12 month appointment he still had fluid in his ears. Then he caught another virus in February & when I took him in to the chiropractor, his ears were red & bulging badly. After 3 more chiro visits, plus again, ALL the home treatments, they were no longer red but still bulging with puss like a donut. We just couldn't get his ears to drain. I should also add, he and I are both 100% dairy free & he is mostly grain free. Anyway, I saw the EarDoc online & decided to order it to try out. We got it on Saturday & I used it on both ears several times a day. We saw the chiro again on Wednesday, and guess what!? His eardrums were completely flat!! No bulging, no red. He still has some puss visible that we need to keep working on, but our chiropractor was very encouraging about using the EarDoc. It definitely seemed to be the missing element in our fight against ear infections. I'm just thrilled, as we've been fighting with his poor little ears for months now with little to no success. So for anyone in this situation, I'd definitely recommend purchasing one. I will say, I don't think this device would work *by itself* to relieve ear infections or drain fluid, if you are not also 1) seeing a chiro regularly and 2) completely dairy free. But if you're doing that and still struggling, the EarDoc might be exactly what you need. It definitely was for us!"

Mama Bee

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