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Treats ear infections and relieves ear pain

EARDOC™ was tested on patients complaining of ear pains. Tympanometry identified fluids in the middle ear as the cause of pains.

The patients were divided inro two groups A and B. Patients of group A were treated with antiobitics, pain relief medications or just left for natural recovery. Patients of group B were treated with EARDOC™ - when the patients felt pain the device was applied for 3 to 8 minutes.

In the figure below the effects of treatment of the two groups of patients are compared.

Ear Test graph

An European university carried out a study on the influence of EARDOC™. The level of fluids in the middle ear was determined by an audiometer. In group A were children with ear infections but without middle ear fluids that were not treated by EARDOC™. In group B were childen with middle ear infections and/or fluids that were treated by EARDOC™.

Graph - number of children without middle ear fluid before and after the treatment by EARDOC™.

EARDOC children survey


As seen in the graph above the number of children with middle ear fluid decreased significantly after treatment by EARDOC™, whereas in children with ear infections that were not treated middle ear fluids accumulated.

A satisfaction survey indicates that 94% of EARDOC™ users felt pain relief and 89% will use it again in similar conditions.

Eardoc survey


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