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Baby Teeth Coming In

With all of the crazy going on in the world that we live in with Covid19 and more… there is no better time to make sure that you have the products needed to provide the highest quality of home care treatments in the convenience of your own home. The best part is that this means you are going to be able to relieve your pain safely and naturally.

Baby Teething Rash

Kencaps “Doc” Line of products are designed for caring for your family's overall health and their devices are designed to provide fast relief via non-invasive and easy to use devices. The GumDoc is designed for your little ones and acts as a massager for baby teething pain relief. Let’s take a look at each a bit more in depth below….


Teether For 2 Year Old

The  GUMDOC™ is a massager designed to help your baby through the period of teething and is perfect for relieving the pain and gum swelling by massaging the gums gently while the baby chews it. This is a fabulous patented device that helps to reduce baby’s discomfort when going through teething. It gently massages their gums while they chew on it and the best part is that it works and that speaks volumes as I am not having to use any topical pain relievers, which I am always weary about to begin with. 

Teething Rash

There are two different size heads for the unit and it comes with a handy carrying case. A great way for sure to relieve teething pain without resorting to pain relievers and the like and a great baby shower gift idea too!

Toddler Teeth

More reason to love the GumDoc:

  • Instant Pain Relief: Combining innovative low frequency technology with classic baby teether designs, the GUMDOC teether safely provides instant pain relief in the gums of your child. Unlike any other teether, the unique design allows your child to bite and chew on a toy that doubles as a baby gum massager.
  • Simple and Easy to Use: In just a few easy steps, have the GUMDOC baby teether ready to go for your little one. Simply hand it to your baby and watch them enjoy the instant pain relief throughout their gums as they chew and bite down on one of the two massager heads.
  • Safe, Non-Toxic Materials: Allow your child to use the GUMDOC baby teether freely with full confidence in their safety. While it is always best to supervise a child with something in their mouth, the innovative baby gum massager uses safe, toxin free materials and a large design that discourages choking.
  • Adjustable Frequency: Find the perfect treatment for your child during every stage of teething. The baby gum massager provides various frequencies to choose from while your child goes through their unique teething phases. For best results, start at the lowest frequency and let your child explore the GUMDOC, then slowly increase the frequency as needed.
  • Convenient Battery Power: With just two AA batteries, your baby will enjoy safe, instant pain relief in the gums while teething. Avoid lengthy charging times and tangled cords with quick and easy battery power.

GUMDOC- For your peace of mind

GUMDOC is a gum-massaging device for your baby that helps them through the typically painful process of teething. It is a soft and safe tool that reduce the feeling of pain when babies chew on it by massaging their gums and give them a good feeling.

GUMDOC usually comes with two distinct heads primarily made of Thermoplastic Rubber, TPR for short. These very safe and friendly head parts are where babies are chew to ease their pain and reduce swelling of their gums. Babies react differently to both heads, so parents are advised to switch between the both of them and observe which one their babies prefer. It is important to take care of these heads by thorough washing and for better results you can keep the heads in the refrigerator.

GUMDOC is an electronic device so it makes use of two small AA batteries. To start using the device, insert these batteries into the space provided, choose the baby’s choice of head, and press the button at the top to switch it on. Very simple. You can adjust and modify the vibrational frequencies to what works for your baby. Switch it off after use by pressing the lower button until the device stops vibrating and the power indicator light goes off.

Using the GUMDOC is a simple and straight forward process, and even babies don’t have difficulties in learning how to use it. Babies have a natural tendency to put things in their mouth. So when you hand a little vibrating device to them, its most likely destination is the mouth. After they bite on it, they may never want to let go of it, simply because it feels good and relieves their teething pain. The vibrations and soft nature of the head parts gives a sensation that babies love and it helps them forget the pain of teething.


Teething is one of the most complex phases of a baby’s growth, and it must be properly managed to ensure good health for babies. It is a normal process during which the first set of teeth (or baby teeth) start to emerge or break through the gum. Basically, is a teeth growing stage. Teething typically starts with two lower layer teeth within the early months after birth.

For some babies, teething is a painless process, but for others, it may come with certain difficulties. Due to the pain some babies experience, they may show symptoms of irritability, crankiness, minor fevers, loss of appetite, and of course, crying for long periods. Babies sometimes chew on their fingers and objects around them to ease teething pain. The pain experienced during teething is as a result of swellings and inflammation of the baby’s tender gums, and it can be a very troubling period for the parents and the baby.

The need for a better solution than what is available in soothing the pain of teething babies led to the innovation of a super device known as GUMDOC. This devices uses small vibrations and tender parts where babies can chew to relieve their pain. It is your best choice for your baby’s health.

GUMDOC For your peace of mind

Toothache natural treatments

Toothache in baby

What is a toothache in children?

Toothaches are a common problem for toddlers, the pain that they are feeling could be from teething. Teething is the eruption of the baby teeth through the gums. This process often begins around the age of 6 months and continues until all 20 baby teeth come out. Toothache (pulpitis) also can be from tooth becomes inflamed and infected. The pulp is soft part inside the tooth that has blood vessels and nerves.

The most common causes of tooth pain in children:

  • Dental Decay. Cavities often lead to pain and are quite common in children.
  • New Teeth. As children lose their baby teeth, the growth of new teeth can cause pain as the new teeth put pressure on nerves.
  • Sinus Problems. Just like adults, children who have sinus issues often have tooth sensitivity.
  • Fillings. Children with silver amalgam fillings can have sensitive to hot and cold food and drinks.
  • Diet. Sometimes your child’s tooth pain can result from something they ate recently. Did they have any hard, acidic, or overly-sweet food recently? Food that is too hot or too cold can also cause pain.

How is a toothache treated in a child?

Treatment will depend on your child’s symptoms, age, and general health. It will also depend on how severe the condition is.
Treatment may include:

  • Antibiotics
  • Pain medicine
  • Warm saltwater rinses for the mouth
  • Tooth removal
  • Draining a pus-filled infection (abscess), if needed
  • A simple filling, if needed
  • Surgery to remove the inflamed pulp from the middle of the tooth (root canal)
  • If the infection is severe, your child may be treated in a hospital. He or she may need antibiotics through an IV (intravenous) tube.
  • Baby Teether Toys


Baby Teether Toys

Teething is an exciting milestone for your baby, but it can also be a difficult and painful one. many babies also experience pain and fussiness when they start teething.
Most babies get their first tooth around the 6-month mark, although the age range can vary by a few months. What's more, teething symptoms — such as drooling, biting, crying, coughing, refusing to eat, night waking, ear pulling, cheek rubbing and generally being irritable — can actually start occurring a few months before baby's first tooth appears.
So when this glorious but challenging milestone rolls around, what are the best ways to help ease your baby's teething pain?
In addition to gently rubbing baby's gums (with clean hands!) or giving her something cold to chew (many parents rely on a frozen wet washcloth or a sippy of ice cold water in a pinch), you may want to try giving baby teething toys.
Also called teethers, teething toys offer babies with sore gums something safe to chew on. This is helpful, because the gumming action offers counter pressure to baby's brand-new teeth that can be soothing and help alleviate pain.
Choosing the best teething toys for your baby
Teething toys come in a range of different materials and styles, and there are more innovative designs than ever. Here is an example to keep in mind when shopping for baby teethers.

The GUMDOC ™ massager.

GUMDOC ™ is a simple and effective massaging device designed to relieve the pain of teething of babies and toddlers.

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