GUMDOC is a gum-massaging device for your baby that helps them through the typically painful process of teething. It is a soft and safe tool that reduce the feeling of pain when babies chew on it by massaging their gums and give them a good feeling.

GUMDOC usually comes with two distinct heads primarily made of Thermoplastic Rubber, TPR for short. These very safe and friendly head parts are where babies are chew to ease their pain and reduce swelling of their gums. Babies react differently to both heads, so parents are advised to switch between the both of them and observe which one their babies prefer. It is important to take care of these heads by thorough washing and for better results you can keep the heads in the refrigerator.

GUMDOC is an electronic device so it makes use of two small AA batteries. To start using the device, insert these batteries into the space provided, choose the baby’s choice of head, and press the button at the top to switch it on. Very simple. You can adjust and modify the vibrational frequencies to what works for your baby. Switch it off after use by pressing the lower button until the device stops vibrating and the power indicator light goes off.

Using the GUMDOC is a simple and straight forward process, and even babies don’t have difficulties in learning how to use it. Babies have a natural tendency to put things in their mouth. So when you hand a little vibrating device to them, its most likely destination is the mouth. After they bite on it, they may never want to let go of it, simply because it feels good and relieves their teething pain. The vibrations and soft nature of the head parts gives a sensation that babies love and it helps them forget the pain of teething.


Teething is one of the most complex phases of a baby’s growth, and it must be properly managed to ensure good health for babies. It is a normal process during which the first set of teeth (or baby teeth) start to emerge or break through the gum. Basically, is a teeth growing stage. Teething typically starts with two lower layer teeth within the early months after birth.

For some babies, teething is a painless process, but for others, it may come with certain difficulties. Due to the pain some babies experience, they may show symptoms of irritability, crankiness, minor fevers, loss of appetite, and of course, crying for long periods. Babies sometimes chew on their fingers and objects around them to ease teething pain. The pain experienced during teething is as a result of swellings and inflammation of the baby’s tender gums, and it can be a very troubling period for the parents and the baby.

The need for a better solution than what is available in soothing the pain of teething babies led to the innovation of a super device known as GUMDOC. This devices uses small vibrations and tender parts where babies can chew to relieve their pain. It is your best choice for your baby’s health.

GUMDOC For your peace of mind

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