Helps baby's and toddler's teething and relieves gum pain

GUMDOC™ is a simple and effective massaging device designed to relieve the pain of teething of babies and toddlers.

Gumdoc device

GUMDOC™ is supplied with two different heads, both heads made of TPR (ThermoPlastic Rubber),  which the baby or toddler is chewing and biting. It is recommended to occasionally switch between the heads to learn the baby's/toddler's preferrence.

To use GUMDOC™ insert two AA batteries, choose and attach the preferred head, and turn the device on by pressing the upper button. GUMDOC™’s frequency can be adjusted by its buttons. 

Using the GUMDOC™ is simple and intuitive, even for the baby!  After attaching the head to GUMDOC™ press the upper button to turn it on. Pass it to the baby to play with and learn how the vibration feels. In most cases, during teething periods the baby will start biting GUMDOC™ to relieve the teething pain.

GUMDOC™’s heads should be washed or cleaned with a wet cloth before and after use.

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