Helps baby's and toddler's teething and relieves gum pain

GUMDOC™ is a simple and efficient device that helps your baby through the period of teething and his urge to chew or bite all the time. When GUMDOC™'s  head wears out or you want to use the device for another baby its head can be replaced.


GUMDOC heads


How to use GUMDOC™:

  1. Insert 2 AA batteries into the battery tray according to the (+) and (-) signs on the batteries and tray and close the lid.
  2. Choose the head you want to use and insert it into the body with a twist looker. The head should be washed before use.
  3. Turn on GUMDOC™ by pressing the upper button. The blue indication bulb lights up.
  4. By pressing the upper button, the frequency of vibrations increases. Set the frequency to the level your baby feels comfortable with.
  5. We recommend to start with low frquency and increase it as needed.
  6. We recommend to use GUMDOC™ while sitting.
  7. Turn GUMDOC™ off by pressing the lower button until vibrations stop and the indication light turns off.
  8. After use, the head should be taken off GUMDOC™ by twisting, washed in warm water with soap and then dried.


  • Use GUMDOC™ only for baby's teething and according to instructions.
  • GUMDOC™ does not replace medical treatment or medication.
  • While using GUMDOC™ do not leave your child unattended.
  • Do not let your child run or walk while using GUMDOC™.
  • Do not use GUMDOC™ for babies under three months old.
  • Use GUMDOC™ head only when attached to GUMDOC™.
  • Before use check that the GUMDOC™ head is not worn.
  • GUMDOC™ is designed for use for babies under two years old only.
  • Do not GUMDOC™ use in water.
  • Do not boil the head or use with microwaves. Do not leave it in the sun or near heat sources.

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