Helps baby's and toddler's teething and relieves gum pain

Teething is a natural process in which first infant's milk teeth break through the gums. Teething usually starts around 6 months of age, but any time between 3 to 12 months is normal. By the age of 3, a child should have 20 primary teeth.

Every baby is different and hence, their teething occurs differently. An early developer may get its first teeth in about 3 months, whereas a late bloomer might have to wait for 12 months or more. There are rare cases in which a baby’s first tooth is visible at birth.

Teeth always arrive in pairs. The first 10 teeth appear between six to nine months beginning with the two teeth at the bottom center of the mouth, followed by the two teeth at the top center. Later come the lateral incisors, followed by the first molars. Every tooth takes about 3-4 days to break through the gums.

Teething maybe painful and is accompanied by teething symptoms such as swelling of the gums. Some infants are irritable, some get fever or lose their appetite.

To relieve the pain infants often chew their toys or bite their fingers .

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