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The HEADOC- for solving headache and migraine

HEADOC is a pain-relieving device that is useful for soothing pain and other negative effects of having a stressful day. It does this by using three technologies (Negative ions, Vibrations and Red Light Phototherapy) that combine in perfect harmony and work separately to treat migraines, headaches and stress. Each technology is FDA approved and certified, and every material used in building them are of standard grade. When used properly, HEADOC is absolutely safe and poses no harm to its users.

Using HEADOC is not rocket science. It is fairly simple to use and all you have to do is follow the instructions on the manual. To start using HEADOC, simply:

  • Press the upper button to switch it on. You can also use the upper button to control the frequencies and vibrations.
  • To turn on the red light irradiation, press the R button and a red light will come on. You can also use this button to increase the level of red light irradiation.
  • To turn on the negative ions, press the N button and a blue indicator light will come on. This release air with negative ions onto the surface to which it should be applied.

Switch it off after use by pressing each individual button until the device stops vibrating and the power indicator lights go off.



Vibration is a very important phenomenon, and if harnessed properly, it can be useful in relieving stress. The HEADOC device makes use of vibration therapy to:

  • Treat sore muscles
  • Reduce pain and anxiety
  • Improve blood flow
  • Improve healthy sleeping patterns.

HEADOC’s vibration therapy enhances the effects of the other technologies too. The vibration feature may be used to apply oil and cream on the skin, massage the skin, and enhance pore penetration of the cream. Just like the other technologies, vibration frequencies on HEADOC can be adjusted to what relieves and suits you.


This technology has a wide range of uses. In the medical sector, it can be used to enhance bone, muscle, and tissue metabolism. It can be used in the cosmetic industry through its cell regeneration properties to create smooth skin and reduce face wrinkles. In general, it enhances skin elasticity and integrity by stimulating an increase in production of collagen by the body.


Negative ions surround us naturally. They are in the ultraviolet rays of the sun, in the air after a lightning strike, and in water fountains when the water molecules collide. However, they only exist in small, inconsequential concentrations in nature. HEADOC is the game changer that harnesses these ions in safe but effective concentrations. When applied using HEADOC, negative ions majorly help with enhancing cognitive functions and relieving depression. HEADOC’s negative ions also relieve stress, migraines, and improve physical and psychological health.


Research, hustle, and every day movements are part of the human life, but sometimes, they make people susceptible to mild and severe health problems. These problems could be physical or psychological, and they may cause some symptoms including:

  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Migraines
  • Fatigue
  • Poor blood circulation

There are many proposed solutions to solving this problem, but one that shows promise and has been tested to work is the HEADOC device.

The HEADOC for solving headache and migraine

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