A stimulator and massager to relieve urinary related issues

Nocturia is a condition affecting many who pass the age of 55. The frequent need to urinate at night, which causes symptoms quite similar to insomnia, may affect their life in many areas. Sleep deprivation has been proven to cause many behavioral and physical conditions. Nocturia, which is a rather new term, has limited options for treatment that one can try.
Treating Nocturia can be quite problematic. Since the causes are various, there is not a single solution for everyone, and every person will receive and benefit from a different treatment. There are behavioral treatments, medication and these days there are some new devices which aim to treat it as well.

Nocturia Behavioral Treatments

Nocturia can sometimes be resolved by changing one’s behavior or adding elements which may improve the bladder ability to empty. One way to do so is to simply reduce the amount of fluids you drink in the 1-2 prior going to bed. Yep, it’s that simple. The less you drink, the less you need to go to the toilets. However, it isn’t that easy to implement (nor is it effective for everyone).
Other ways may include going several times to the toilets before bed (If you see the toilet, maybe you’ll need to pee), reducing alcohol and coffee consumption, and improving sleep quality (by different means and solutions). In Men, it has also been proven that sitting down to urinate may improve the bladder’s ability to empty.
While some changes to behavior can be quite easy to try, it is always recommended to consult a medical professional when a problem such as Nocturia arises.

Nocturia Prescription medicine

Medicinal treatments for Nocturia work in a variety of methods. Since some of these medications have side-effects, each person may want to see the value of the medicine and try it for a while to see how they benefit from it.
Group 1: effective on the bladder – a group of medication reducing bladder spasms and treating an overactive bladder. By decreasing the bladder contractions there is less need to urinate.
Group 2: effective on urine production – also referred to as Anticholinergic medication. This type of treatment assists in regulating urine production.
Group 3: effective on the kidney – the kidneys are the organs in charge of producing urine. By decreasing their activity and reducing urine production Nocturia can be handled more easily.
Group 4: Effective by side effects – these are medications which are used to treat different conditions but have been proven to be effective for Nocturia as well. These may include antidepressants and other medication which require extra caution before use.

Nocturia device treatments

Nocturia is treated in most cases by devices that send electric pulses to the bladder thus creating contractions which promote urination and aid the bladder to empty its capacity. While some devices are implantable, there are also devices which do not require surgery and can be bought online, such as the URIDOC™. Read More about the Uridoc here: www.uridoc.info

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